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Default Home Page Setup

How To Set the Homepage Settings?

From the Customize section, then go to Homepage Setting, here user can choose what’s displayed on the homepage of the site, there will be two options:

  • Your latest posts: When the user selects “your latest post” it sets your latest posts as “Homepage”.
  • A static page: When the user selects the “A static page” it will consist of “HomePage” and ” Posts Page “.

Note: All the custom sections of the homepage will only be visible on the Homepage setting once the user sets a page for the Homepage Setting option.

From Homepage: Users can set the desired page as Homepage and add frontpage sections.

From Posts Pages: Users can set any page as a Blog (posts page).

Enable Homepage Content: You can check on it to enable the content of the selected page on your homepage.

*Note: The Frontpage and the blog page cannot be the same.


Go to Settings > Reading and select Homepage displays > A static page then, select  homepage (“Home/ Frontpage”) & Posts page ( “Blog”).

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